Cookies are small files used on most websites to make your life easier, but also for technical reasons. You must accept cookies to surf certain Wi-Fi terminals, to connect to certain services, to play online games, to place an order online, etc.
  • Permanent cookies exist for your comfort.. They are used to recognize you on a future visit.
    Permanent cookies are stored on your iphone, ipad, tablet or computer and remain in memory on your next visit. For example,
    • during your first visit to an ecommerce site, you choose the language: French, English, etc.
    • On subsequent visits, you did not have to choose the language. This is thanks to the permanent cookie that has been saved on your device.
    Most permanent cookies are automatically erased after a specified period, usually one month.
  • Session cookies exist for technical reasons. . They are used to identify you when you go from one page to the other during the same visit.
    Session cookies identify you in a secure way during the same visit. For example,
    • To connect to certain online services, you must accept session cookies.
    • To surf via wi-fi on a public terminal, you must accept session cookies.
    Session cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you log out or when you close your internet browser.